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Why Support DancEsteem

The cost of living in San Francisco and the Bay Area has increased significantly, making it hard for families to stay and even harder to provide their children with extracurricular activities. Dancing is a great physical activity that improves cardiovascular health, balance, and strength. It also challenges the brain, boosts mood and cognitive performance, and is a social activity.

Our Mission

Our mission at Mobu DanceEsteem is to help kids build self-esteem and individuality through creative and collaborative movement in a safe environment. If you find love or interest in any activity you build self-esteem and confidence. MoBu DancEsteem is not about competition. It is not necessary to have a perfect body or perform the choreography perfectly. Classes are offered by grade, not by level, and provide equal opportunities to all. We believe during our dance classes, kids are able to be themselves, away from the pressures of social media, and are in their bodies engaging with other kids their age through the language of movement.

Make a Difference

We are launching this campaign to ensure more kids with fewer resources can receive this opportunity and the benefits of dancing. Our long-term goal is to partner with organizations from marginalized communities to offer scholarships to their community members. Your support is critical to make the scholarship fund campaign successful so we can provide as many scholarships as possible. Any dollar amount counts, and every donation* makes a difference.

Make a Contribution

If you wish to contribute, you can pay through Venmo @mobudance, or by writing a check to:

MoBu Dance Studio
1605 Church Street,  
San Francisco, CA 94131
(write in the memo “scholarship fund”)

*Please note that Mobu DancEsteem is not a 501C therefore your donation is not tax deductible

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